Cattedrali del Mare
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English abstract
The Mediterranean coastline abounds with places that reveal, as if looking through a kaleidoscope, the extraordinary integration of humankind, territory, production and building technologies. These fragile and precious landscapes, often derelict and removed from common awareness, are presented in a fascinating journey along the complex borderline between land and water. For each Italian region we have chosen an emblematic example of the integration process, one which is caught in the fragile balance between regeneration and demolition: lay cathedrals of work and culture. We have focused on the many forgotten buildings, but also on the network of the main Italian arsenals, Venice, Taranto and La Spezia, those which are still used for production and military purposes, and on two examples of best practice in the regeneration of coastal industrial sites, La Città della Scienza in Bagnoli and La Manifattura delle Anguille in Comacchio. Other sites described are located on the waterfront and are adjacent to historical cities, similarly to the arsenals, but also like Trieste. Others were once located on the outskirts, but have now been integrated into the urban development; such is the case of Follonica, Scauri, Portorecanati and Vibo Valentia. Other lay cathedrals lie in isolated spots along the coastline and embody the numerous potential interactions between land, sea and industrial architecture: these range from the buildings constructed out at sea, such as the offshore platforms or the trabocchi, the tiny villages hidden in the cliffside, like Buggerru, Furore and Argentiera, to hangars that dominate the sea, like the one at Augusta. Lastly several complexes remain in splendid solitude on the seashore, like Sampieri and Porto Sant'Elpidio.